Need some inspiration? Here are a couple of links to help you get started:

Snowmobile Poster

Look at a snowmobile. Do you see a sleek, powerful machine or a pile of Earth resources? It’s both! Snowmobiles are made from many resources extracted from the Earth. View poster >

Cutting Edge Poster

Ice, training, muscle, passion, determination…skaters need them all to get to the top of their sport. But there’s more. The equipment, the venues… Earth resources make it happen. View poster >

Power to the People Poster

Canadians use a great deal of energy equivalent to nearly 7,500 kg of oil per person annually. We also produce a great deal of energy, adding alternative energy sources and new power storage methods more and more to the mix. Whatever energy sources we use, the metals and minerals of the Earth, along with the people who find and process them, make them possible. View poster >

Medicine: From the Ground Up Poster The Earth supplies us with the metals and minerals that contain the necessary components for dietary essentials, care regimes, surgical instruments, medical devices, diagnostic aids and life-saving treatments. View poster >

Remember, all you have to do is tell a story about any object in your home. Tell us about one or more non-renewable Earth resource needed to make that object and WHERE on Earth those resources come from. Your entry can be anything that tells a story: a poster, a dance, a song, a play, a video, a multi-media presentation or anything else you can think of. So dream big, and have fun!