About the Contest

This year, Yukon Chamber of Mines and the Government of Yukon are partnering with Mining Matters to bring you their WHERE Challenge! Have you ever wondered WHAT on Earth is in your stuff or WHERE on Earth it comes from? Now is your opportunity to use your curious minds and find the answers to these important questions while also having the opportunity to win some great prizes!

Pick a favorite object in your home and identify one or more non-renewable Earth resources* needed to make that object and tell us WHERE on Earth those resources come from. You may be surprised by how many are found in Yukon. Your story can be told through an essay, a poem, a song or play, a painting or poster, an audio, video or multimedia presentation or anything else you can dream up – the more original, the better!

All winners will be announced on Friday, May 8th. Winning entries may be used as promotional tools to demonstrate how non-renewable Earth resources are essential to our everyday lives.

*Non-renewable Earth resources are substances that occur naturally within the Earth and must be mined, quarried or pumped out from underground. These resources are found in limited quantities and are consumed more quickly than natural processes can replace them.

Some examples of non-renewable Earth resources include:

  • Fossil fuels such as petroleum and natural gas (used to make plastic)
  • Metallic minerals such as hematite (iron ore), used to make steel
  • Rocks such as limestone, used to make cement
  • Industrial minerals such as quartz sand, used to make glass

Many non-renewable Earth resources are recyclable (e.g., glass and aluminum pop cans) but only a small proportion of what is produced is recycled.

The following are NOT considered non-renewable Earth resources:

  • trees and plants (used to make lumber, paper and fabric)
  • water
  • food: fruit and cereals; meat from animals
  • geothermal energy
  • wind energy
  • solar energy